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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

On this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast, we welcome Zack Brewer, attorney at Brewer & Brewer by day and band seeker/producer of Sounds and Grounds on nights and weekends. As mentioned on the previous episode of the podcast (season 2 episode 6), Sounds and Grounds is held once per month at Talia Espresso, and Zack aims to secure unique and diverse bands to play in downtown North Wilkesboro, many for the first time.

Zack grew up surrounded by music, attending MerleFest almost every year and being exposed to the incredible musicians that the Wilkes County area has to offer. He emphasizes that Boone and Appalachian State University are home to many talented musicians, and he has attended more than a few of their concerts. Through Sounds and Grounds, Zack is hoping to broaden the genres that are represented in the region and bring together the community to experience the diverse and high-quality performances in a cozy atmosphere at Talia. In fact, Jim and Kathy have been creating custom coffee drinks for each event, and this is a tradition they hope to continue.

It is important to Zack that these events spotlight new talent as well as provide consistent opportunities for fellowship among the community. He hopes that Sounds and Grounds will continue to grow, incorporating even more genres and potentially partnering with some local breweries as well. The slogan for Sounds and Grounds is “Where Creativity Creates Community”, and they are certainly well on their way to living this out.


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