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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

On this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast, Carl caught up with Dom Flemons at the Carolina Bible Camp Bluegrass Festival in Mocksville, North Carolina. Dom was born and raised in Arizona, where his family has had a long and storied history. He moved to North Carolina because of his alignment with the musical and cultural heritage of the region. Being invited to participate in the Black Banjo Gathering in 2005 was a catalyst for his musical career. Through Joe Thompson and other songsters who had been creating music in the “gray areas” between genres, Dom began to learn more about the larger African-American folk tradition and his passion for telling the historical narrative increased.

Dom is deeply connected to his cultural roots and he abides in the rich traditions of African-American folk, country, and cowboy music. In addition to traveling across the U.S. to share his unique and enduring music, “The American Songster” sees himself as a representative of U.S. and African-American history when he travels abroad. No matter where he plays, he desire is to spark cultural memories for the audience, reminding them of things they didn’t know they had forgotten. He wants others to experience their cultural heritage the same way that he has.

Dom is a Grammy-award winner, a member Country Music Hall of Fame class of 2018, and Emmy-award nominee. For people considering getting into music, Dom recommends educational programs and summer camps that will immerse you in the art and provide connections for your musical growth.


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