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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Sep 17, 2018

 On this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast, we are joined by Vivian Hopkins, a proud resident of and ambassador for the town of Gold Hill, North Carolina. Located in eastern Rowan county, Gold Hill was the site of the first gold discovery in North Carolina, in 1824. From that time until the Civil War, 98% of the gold in circulation in the US was from North Carolina, 30-40% of which was from Gold Hill. The town saw an influx in immigrants from Cornwall, England, where the primary trade was tin mining, and these English workers were very familiar with the similar process of mining gold. The gold mining industry was ahead of its time in terms of industrialization, as evidenced by the agreements to share workers between their mines based on supply. Tourists and locals are still able to catch a glimpse of the gold mining era by visiting the North Carolina Gold Trail, which traverses through Mint Hill, Gold Hill, Charlotte, and Rutherfordton, and by attending the annual North Carolina Gold Festival located in Old Fort.

Gold Hill’s picturesque downtown is home to a dozen restored shops and is known as the hub of the North Carolina Bluegrass Association, which hosts bluegrass “jams” every Friday night at the Montgomery store in town. On the mysterious side of things, Gold Hill is home to decades of ghost stories, which visitors can hear about during the two annual walking ghost tours. So it is safe to say that this old mining town is still very much full of life!

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