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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Jan 4, 2023

In this episode of The Life in the Carolinas Podcast, Carl is joined by Larry Baity. He met Carl a few years ago through a mutual friend, and they have been working on a project together recently. Larry calls himself a mountain boy because of his upbringing. Today, Larry.

Larry’s Birth

Larry says that he is a mountain boy. He was born on the 16th of March 1935 in Wilkes County in a small community called Oak Woods, a short drive away from Wilkesboro. He was told many years later that he was anticipated to be born. The evening he was born was a Saturday, and everyone was waiting for the Grand Ole Opry to come on.

Early Life

He graduated from high school around the time of the Korean War. He chose to join the Air Force and was in it from 1953 through 1957. He did his training in the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Larry eventually talks about all his experiences during his time with the Air Force.

God’s Purpose

Larry almost drowned three times in his whole life. He always felt God had a purpose for him. He is surprised that he is still living today due to his experiences. He says that his upbringing is what made him the man he eventually became now.


Larry shares another experience during the time he was with the Air Force. His curiosity almost led him to get incarcerated, and he had to sign a document that states that he never saw what he saw. He says that one of the greatest inventions of the US Air Force is surveillance.


He’s always told his children and grandchildren that you often experience history in the making, become a part of history, or making history yourself. He states that he was a witness and that very few people become part of history. He made history for the family. Larry says that one of his many faults was being too curious and pushing the limits.

The Answer

Larry was often told that curiosity is the answer to questions. It might be hazardous to your well being and one of his little faults in life, but it has also revealed a great revelation to him through the years. And through all of that, God gave him longevity.

Memory of a Certain Racetrack

Carl asks Larry about his first memory of the North Wilkesboro Motor Speedway. Larry responds by recalling a memory from 1945. He says that it was a unique experience because he’s always loved the old Ford cars.

Larry’s Family

Larry talks about his children and grandchildren. His oldest grandson is a major marine aviator. His son is a part of the Air Force as well. His other grandson is a police officer. One of his sons is a nuclear engineer and another one is a lawyer. The youngest is back in Nashville.

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