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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Apr 23, 2019

Well-known musician, songwriter and comedian Jim Stafford joins us for this special episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast on location at the Don Gibson Theatre. Jim recounts his surprise encounter with Don Gibson many years ago in Nashville and the pleasant afternoon they spent talking about songwriting. He came to Shelby to do a songwriter’s show at the Theatre, but he rarely travels these days because he lets the people come to him. Jim has been playing at The Jim Stafford Theatre in Branson, Missouri, for more than 3 decades, and he still enjoys it just as much as Year 1.

As you may know, Jim writes unique songs that have humorous or unexpected twists and are so entertaining that people come time and again to hear these stories through song. During this interview, he describes for Carl the inspiration behind the song “The Swamp Witch” as well as his tendency to test out new songs on the audience and make adjustments based on their reactions before recording. Jim’s songs have the exceptional capacity of captivating audiences young and old, and he has enjoyed seeing the sizes of the crowds grow over the years as more people come to appreciate his art. He is particularly encouraged by events hosted at historic theaters like the Don Gibson Theatre because of the element of preserving the past and celebrating the present and future at the same time.


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