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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

This episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast began by pure happenstance: Carl was driving downtown North Wilkesboro one evening when an artist caught his eye. He stopped to see what she was painting and found that it was a set of angel wings inspired by The Global Angel Wings Project. Upon further investigation, he came across the story of this project and reached out to its founder, Colette Miller.

Colette felt inspired to paint her first set of angel wings on a wall in Los Angeles in 2012. She did this without any formal permission and had her friends keeping watch for anyone who might tell her to stop painting, but the wings became immediately popular. In fact, not long after she painted them, there was a street festival in the area and Colette observed from a balcony the line that formed of people waiting to take their pictures in front of the angel wings.

Before long, Colette was getting requests to create wings in different areas of town and in other states, and she realized that the message of the wings was resonating with others. She intended for the wings to represent the divine in humanity and from the very beginning, she felt that this message was one that the world urgently needed. The publicity and recognition she was receiving on social media served as validation for her passion, and she started seeking out opportunities for giving the “gift of the wings” to those who needed it most.

Colette has been invited to countries like Dubai, Japan, Taiwan, China, Cuba, and Kenya, and she could fill a book with the stories of the communities she interacted with as she was creating angel wings for them. She recognizes that the wings are not about her and should not be used for self-promotion, but rather to permeate the world with the message she wants to share.


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