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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

The Hudson Dinner Theater

On this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast, Carl is joined by Keith Smith from the Town of Hudson Dinner Theater at The HUB Station. The dinner theater is owned and run by the Town of Hudson and they have put on 28 shows since 2003. Keith has been directing the shows since the beginning, traveling all over the state looking for new talented individuals who may be interested in joining the cast or band for an upcoming fall musical or spring comedy.

Growing up, Keith was always involved in music, and as a senior in high school he auditioned for a role in a community theater production and he was officially bitten by the “theater bug”. He was fortunate enough to have directors at two different times in his acting career who became mentors to him and gave him the great advice of leaving all of your baggage at the door and moving around the stage if you forget your lines. Keith is still an active actor, but he finds his main joy through directing both the cast and the band during the HUB productions.

Over the years, Keith has seen countless children and young adults find themselves and gain confidence through their involvement in theater that has served them well throughout their lives, on and off the stage. They also learn an element of sticking to the script but also being able to react to the moment as the character would have. Keith and the other stakeholders in the town of Hudson hope that the theater will continue to be described as consistently excellent, with increasing involvement from the community. In the future, they plan to upgrade the lighting and sound systems as a way of improving the quality of the living piece of art that they create with every production.


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