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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Oct 15, 2019

Gold Hill, North Carolina, was the home to many gold mines during the Carolina Gold Rush and, consequently, the home to many mining accidents and tragedies. It is believed that many of the miners who met their fates in the shafts still reside in the village and appear to guests and residents from time to time. Vivian Hopkins is a notable Gold Hill resident and expert on the history and ghost stories of the area, and she joined us on this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast.

Vivian says that there have always been ghost stories told in Gold Hill and residents have occasionally had unexplainable experiences, but the prevalence of the stories and encounters began to increase after a film crew for the Travel Channel came to Gold Hill for a story about ghosts. The film crew had their own experiences during the filming process and when people started to see and hear about the show, more stories started to surface.

On this episode, Vivian recounts several specific instances of ghost encounters with the calm confidence that only a resident of Gold Hill could. From a mysterious photo of a man in a mirror, to a woman seen walking along a wall on dreary days, to fiddle strings uncontrollably loosening, there is no shortage of Gold Hill ghost stories. Vivian believes that there are so many spirits in the village because of the tragic accidents that occurred in the mine shafts during the Carolina Gold Rush and she has accepted their existence as just a part of living in Gold Hill.

Every July and October, Gold Hill hosts ghost story events for anyone interested in being immersed in the spooky history of the town. Go to their website for more information about these events!


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