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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Sep 6, 2018

On this episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast, our guest is Dale Isom, an engineer by trade who has recently entered the hospitality industry and is doing a lot for the northwestern North Carolina community. Dale and his wife own several hotel properties in the area and across the state, and they have come to understand the importance of making their guests feel secure and welcome in the community. About 5 years ago, Dale and the Kruger Brothers came up with the idea to brand Wilkes county as “The Heart of American Folk Music”, which has created the tradition of year-round concerts in local establishments as well as the Carolina in the Fall annual event, highlighting the talented musicians of the area and the genre of American Folk.

Additionally, Dale has revitalized the old post office and federal courthouse in downtown Wilkesboro and created The 1915 event space that is also the home of the Blue Ridge Artisan Center. These artisans and those who will be involved in the Artisan Café opening this fall showcase the culture of Wilkes and the surrounding counties, celebrating the community and what makes it unique. Dale’s efforts have jump-started the rejuvenation of downtown Wilkesboro, supported by local merchants, private investments, and local government funding. These investments will continue to impact the community and the celebration of its culture for many years to come.


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