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Life In the Carolina's Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

This episode of the Life in the Carolinas podcast was recorded on location at the Carolina Bible Camp Bluegrass Festival with guest Andy Eversole. Andy grew up listening to classic records, liked hip-hop in high school, and then was introduced to the likes of Doc Watson and Earl Scruggs through his older brother. One particular moment listening to Earl Scruggs stuck in Andy’s mind and altered the course of his life. He received a banjo for Christmas when he was 15 and received unwavering support from his parents, despite their occasional nudgings to “get a real job.”

Andy’s current project is Banjo Earth, a collaborative cultural experience where Andy is traveling around the world to learn from folk musicians of different countries and cultures and then collaborating to create an album and documentary with local musicians. So far, he has been to China and India, he is currently working on a North Carolina segment, and he is planning to visit Brazil in a few months. The notions that music is the universal language and there are more things that bind us together than separate us are ringing true in Andy’s travels, and he is finding the whole experience magical.

He also recognizes the value of local festivals and camps, particularly in North Carolina, in celebrating and growing the rich cultural heritage of the community and the music that brings many people together. Andy is learning so much about other cultures and folk traditions during his Banjo Earth project, but he admits that there is no place like home.


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